RHQS is able to work on large or small contracts, short term or long term, as the lead Quantity Surveyor or in a supportive or advisory role as may be required. Typical clients include small and large Sub-Contractors, Main Contractors, Employers, Insolvency Practitioners and Adjudication Referral Specialists. However, if you are unsure as to whether the services offered by RHQS are suitable for you, please get in contact for further information or to discuss your requirements.

Areas of Specialism:

NEC Contract Administration. Proficient programming and contract administration all in one package.

  • Negotiation and administration of contract terms
  • Setup and management of programme including regular submission for acceptance and compensation events (Subcontractors only)
  • Administration and pricing of compensation events

Commercial/Contract/Tender Risk Assessments. Maximisation of potential profit and minimisation of potential loss from the outset.

  • Risk management of contract terms, prior to or after tender submission
  • Negotiation of fair and reasonable adjustments to amended standard forms such as the JCT and NEC or to bespoke contracts           

Final Accounts. Optimising project profitability near or after completion.

  • Final account production and negotiation, including establishing entitlement and value for all variations/compensation events, loss and expense claims and delay analysis as appropriate
  • Resolution of disputes with or without involvement of specialist dispute resolution practitioners 

Business Process Streamlining. Addition of value to existing in-house methods, for SME's in particular.

  • Refining and improving current business processes to increase productivity and profitability
  • Introduction of bespoke automation for valuations, invoicing and retention collection using Visual Basic programming

General Practice Quantity Surveying:

Comprehensive Cost Management and Procurement Services.

  • Cost and commercial management of projects, including liaising with stakeholders on commercial matters, and facilitating the completion of a project.
  • Financial control and reporting, including monthly work in progress and cash flow analyses (both inflow and outflow), anticipated final costs, value and profitability, cost reconciliation reports for labour, materials, plant, sub-contractors and preliminaries; monitoring costs against tender allowances and producing cash flows. Implementing regimes where not present and following protocols where a system is in place.
  • Preparing fully detailed and supported interim applications and final accounts including variations, delay analysis using scheduling software, loss and/or expense claims and retention calculations, which may necessitate site visits and/or processing of site information and/or discussion with site management in accordance with the conditions of the contract in order to quantify and value the works, with negotiation and settlement both up and down the supply chain, whether working for Sub-contractors, Main Contractors or Employers.
  • Processing and issuing certificates for interim applications and final accounts down the supply chain, including signing of invoices and preparing and issuing final account statements.
  • Implementing and operating change control procedures. Identifying, applying for, accepting and ensuring the implementation of variation orders, utilising contract documents, drawing revisions, specification changes, site instructions and site correspondence for changes in scope, specification, method of access and duration. Issuing variation orders down the supply chain.
  • Drawing analysis, including checking for and logging changes to contract drawings, inconsistencies and construction feasibility issues.
  • Calculating, evidencing, substantiating and analysing rates for non-BQ/contract sum analysis items and dayworks for variations.
  • Risk management, including identification, analysis and mitigation of risks and prudent liability and contingency allocation both prior to and after contract formation; producing risk assessments of proposed contract terms that include amendments to standard forms.
  • Value management including producing Value Engineering proposals and advising on construction details and issues, design choices and their cost effectiveness and how to achieve enhanced value.
  • Conflict management, dispute avoidance and dispute resolution, including acting on the client’s behalf to resolve disputes. 
  • Mensuration in accordance with SMM7, NRM or other appropriate mensuration method.
  • Producing pricing documentation including Bills of Quantities (BQ's/BoQ's), schedules of works and rates, contract sum analyses.
  • Estimating, budget estimates/proposals and cost plans, including measurement from plans and specifications and pricing using pricing books or raw cost data as required and using unit rates or pricing from first principles as applicable.
  • Managing procurement including selection of appropriate procurement strategy, compiling and issuing tender enquiries, review, evaluation and comparison of and reporting on tenders, selection of appropriate contract/subcontract type whether standard form, amended standard form or bespoke, with an awareness of the associated benefits, risks and contractual mechanisms of each type (such as instructions, payment provisions, change procedures, dispute avoidance/resolution provisions, EOT’s, LAD’s and L&E’s), interview and negotiation, discussion of potential problems, placing orders and formation of the contract including preparation of the appropriate documentation.
  • Contract administration and practice including preparation of contract documents for agreement, negotiation of contract terms, and operation of clauses especially in regard to issuing correct and timely notices and certificates and extension of time applications and assessments.
  • Preparation and monitoring of on-site programmes in conjunction with contract/site managers, and in particular the careful planning of critical activities. 
  • General development of documentation and procedures, both conventional and electronic.
  • Attending meetings with and/or on behalf of clients including internal and external Pre-Commencement Contract Meetings, other commercial meetings such as Work In Progress Meetings, Design Team Meetings, Programme Meetings and Final Account Meetings.
  • Co-ordinating and liaising with other roles within the client’s organisation when required, such as Design, Buying, Site Management, Contracts Management, which involves an awareness and knowledge of what those roles entail (for example, the Design process, regulations, requirements and responsibilities; material and labour resourcing issues and protocols).
  • Supervising/managing/advising other team members as required.
  • Advising clients on legal/contractual, policy and best practice matters.
  • Supporting Insolvency Practitioners by recovering monies on their behalf, including the quantification and valuation of work in progress, completed work and defective work, substantiation of amounts due and the negotiation of final settlements with debtors.
  • Providing support to Dispute Resolution Specialists by compiling evidence and reasoned arguments explaining and substantiating the position of the client.

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